Since its establishment, Hoa Phong E&C has always taken people – technology – connection as a core value to be its foundation for development for more than 10 years.

As one of the pioneering enterprises in the field of renewable energy and the environment, we are aimed at environmentally friendly technologies, products and services for a “sustainable green” world. HPEC experts and engineers are highly experienced in providing services:

Making an environmental impact assessment report (EIA):

We have more than 10 years of operation in the field of environmental consultancy, have undergone the process of environmental records for many different types of projects, so the intensive consulting team ensures the exact analysis process. , evaluating, identifying and forecasting the impacts of the project on the natural environment and the working environment. From there, measures to minimize negative effects and prevent environmental incident response.

Implement renewable energy projects (solar, wind …).

One of the outstanding services of HPEC can provide services: Survey/ Design/ Supervision/ Construction Consulting/ Construction of NLTT projects such as Electricity of Electricity, Civil Wind and Commercial Electricity with advanced technologies Most today.