Hoa Phong E&C Investment and Development JSC (referred to as HPEC) was established on June 16th 2010. Hoa Phong comes from many different meanings “A wind of harmony”, “set of winds”, or “Japanese style”, etc. …

Whatever the case, the logo itself and the name Hoa Phong is the crystallization of the spirit of Vietnam wishing to build a company / corporation towards modern technology, environmentally friendly products and connecting people with the future.


 Modern technology

Environmentally friendly products

Towards the goal of building Multinational Corporation.


“Human – Technology – Network”
Constantly expanding links
Apply modern technology to achieve success


We, with our strengths of People – Technology – Network, will always bring the most optimal solutions to customers at the most reasonable cost to help maximize profits for customers and partners.


People: Build a friendly working environment by fostering and utilizing abilities and individuality, centered on people. Create an effective working system and a spirit of mutual support in the corporate culture. Create an environment where all employees can actively engage in creativity and development capabilities

Technology: We always focus on updating advanced technology trends in the world. By researching and bringing the latest technologies, we believe we will provide the best services and most useful products for our customers and partners.”

Network: Consider the multilateral combination in the flat world between people and people, businesses and businesses for aiming to accompany and develop together; Form a connection between the values of the present and the future through the vision and capacity of the enterprise.