In order to keep up with the advancement of computer science, Hoa Phong E&C Investment and Development Joint Stock Company has developed from traditional design methods to parameters design and automation design.

In traditional design methods, a designer uses basic techniques such as sketches to describe the idea inside the mind. With AutoCAD, the designer can apply the editing feature with the support of the computer.

In the parameter design, the user determines the relationship between the elements drawn together, the change for a part of the data will make changes in other data parts. For example, parts of the pillar such as piles, pedestals, stems, hats will be bound together.

With design automation, users have the ability to automate tasks in parameter models by controlling parameters with automatic instructions; For example: “Customize the pile design according to the size of the foundation.” Geometry and data are the result of automatic implementation of a set of rules and can use traditional model elements as inputs.

With design automation, it will help work such as model, creating drawings for projects to be done more quickly and effectively with many different options.

The design automation programs that have been implemented are:

  • Pile
  • Abutment
  • Simple bridge girder