Ha Noi – Hai Phong expressway is a key national highway and also the first expressway of Vietnam which is constructed following international standard. The construction work has a total length of 105.5 km, with the starting point is located on the third ring road of Hanoi (1.025 km far from Thanh Tri bridge abutment in Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien district, Hanoi) runs across Hanoi city (6km), Hung Yen (26.5 km), Hai Duong (40 km), Hai Phong (33km), and the end point is at Dinh Vu dam (Hai An district, Hai Phong).

 Main Project Feature:

 The route is designed following standard for expressway class A, there are six connected interchanges and intersection with national  highways: there are 9 long bridges, 21 medium bridges, 22 flyovers with a total length of about 11km, 124 underpasses and overpasses.  Design speed is 120km/hour.

 The cross section is 100m in average, pavement width is 33 m with 6 lanes, 2 emergency lanes, medium trip and green strip are provided  and frontage roads are provided at required locations.

Intelligent transport system and automatic toll collection system are provided on this route with modern traffic organization. Camera system is also provided to control and record images, there are service stations and oil supply stations on the route


Viet Nam


 Vietnam Infrastructure Development and Finance Investment JSC (VIDIFI)

Contract period:

2010 – 2010

Scope of work:

Detailed design consultant.

  Adjustment design for soft soil treatment item (package EX1, EX2)           under Ha   Noi – Hai Phong expressway project.